GMP Crystal CRM is a local company building CRM systems for North East businesses

Work with us and you could receive a grant of up to 40% towards the cost of a GMP Crystal CRM system

Build your business

Manage your business with GMP Crystal CRM. From contacts to reporting, start building your business with a system that will grow with you.

Enhance efficiency while on the Move

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your system from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Secure More Deals

Quickly find information about your contacts, to respond to thier needs as quickly as possible.

We increase our clients knowledge through training

To ensure GMP Crystal CRM are fully integrated into your business from the start, we run free initial workshops to get your system understood by all users.

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Helping you to attract, impress and retain your customers


Secure more Deals

Quickly find details about leads, prospects or clients. Manage your team activities and monitor client contact, respond in the most appropriate way with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Enhance Productiveness

Market to and manage enquiries on the go, access the system with any internet enabled device anywhere in the world, anytime of day.

Built to Evolve

GMP Crystal CRM is the centre of all our systems, so when you grow, we grow with you. Increasing users, functionality and building hierarchy, we’re here to make sure you don’t out grow your system.

Get More Leads

Work on the go and add new leads when you meet them. No more collecting business cards, add leads to your system and send them information before you have even left the building.

Make Insightful decisions

With dashboards and reports that let you know how your business is progressing, you will have all the information you need to make informed decisions for you business.

Dependable and Secure

Excellent connectivity, multiple real-time backups performed throughout the day and a regional multi-site location back-up process, your data is as secure as it can possibly be.

See for Yourself!

View a demo of the system, or jump right in with a free 14-day trial. Contact Us Today!
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Lead ManagementClose More Deals.

Monitor the progress of leads received either from system owners own sources and/or from lead sources that provide leads on a commercial bases. Generate reports on-screen or extracted either as a spreadsheet or pdf depending on the users' needs.

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Standard Post with Gallery
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Activity ManagementEnhance Productiveness.

Manage client activities before, during and after contact. Team managers can monitor all users and individual users can only see their own tasks. Access all areas of the client record, pipelines and the note/email functions whilst in the activity module.

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Dashboards and ReportsMake Insightful Decisions.

Easily track and analyse leads, identify trends faster and close deals quicker using graphical dashboards and reports generated on-screen or extracted either as a spreadsheet or pdf depending on the users' needs.

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Check here to see if by working through the Designing Better Business programme, RTC North Ltd can provide your business with grants of up to 40% towards the cost of design, product or service innovation projects and related work with GMP Crystal CRM.

• Eligibility and application process guidelines
• Projects between £2,500 and £5,000
• Projects over £5,000

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Choose a GMP Crystal CRM System Package

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The Core Features

Prospect Management

Activity Management

Automated Messaging

Data Capture

Document Storage

Business Reports

    • GMP Crystal CRM

    • System Features
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      • All Core Features
      • Client Contact Notes
        • Keep track of all communications with your clients, from initial contact through to confirming their sale; make sure everything is recorded against their record. Each record has notes with associated documentation stored securely so that only the record owner or management can access the record. There are many automatic functions to help the smooth communication process.
      • Direct Email Functionality
        • Don’t think about working from two different systems, you can email your clients directly from your prospect or client record in your system. You can also create professional templates to make sure your emails look great every time you send one.
      • Data Segmentation
        • All records stored have profile functions that allow data to be segmented to view or extract in pipelines that can be sorted and filtered in many ways. The data can be exported to excel, mail merge, PDF or even MailChimp accounts.
      • GMP Roundabout Navigation
        • Once an action has been made within your system, you are presented with the different options to take you to the next stage or allow you to navigate to any area of your system. This allows users to navigate around the system with ease, giving user options wherever they are in the process at that time.
      • Online Support Service
        • The system has an in-built support process that allows the system owners’ administration team to request help, book training, ask questions or provide feedback from within the system. This request will generate a ticket within the GMP support team which will receive the appropriate action and response. This service is not provided for any other user group.
      • ENT
      • Product Management Module
        • The products or services are set-up. managed and stored securely by the system owner to allow quotations to be created using the stored information. These quotations are managed in a pipeline until transferred after the client accepts the work is to be done. Each product or service is tagged within a group and category to allow detailed management information about the product or service being provided.
      • ENT
      • Document Template Mangement
        • This module allows your own templates to be stored and made available at certain stages within the system so that they can be populated with stored information from the database. There are default templates for quotations, worksheets and invoices in the system already however you can add your own templates that can be selected and created on-demand.
      • ENT
      • Product/Service Sales Process
        • The process for sales is managed by 3-pipelines - quotes, jobs and invoices. These dedicated pipelines allow you to manage and sell your products or services with ease. The management of the progress moves the prospect seamlessly through the process.
      • ENT
      • Client Management Pipeline
        • Once a quotation is accepted, your prospects will move into your client pipeline automatically, provided they are not a client already, so you can distinguish between people who have purchased a product or service from those that you are trying to do business.


      *at GMP premises

    * Additional fees may apply.

    • Professional

    • Pay Per Month
      No Minimum Contract
      Setup Fees apply
    • Enterprise

    • Pay Per Month
      No Minimum Contract
      Setup Fees apply

Disclaimer: Prices shown are correct as at 1st November 2015 and subject to change – USD & EURO contracts available Minimum contract term 12-months – quarterly fee payment plan available GBP contracts are subject to VAT where applicable – Larger user licence systems available details on request

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A quick, flexible and easy solution to attract more business to your company Contact Us Today