Designed as a simple yet powerful CRM system for small growing businesses.

GMP Crystal CRM was built for the SME market sector, looking for a system with which they can grow with, not outgrow. GMP Crystal CRM simplifies the administrative process of most industries and manages day to day workload so companies can concentrate on selling.

When you choose GMP Crystal CRM for your company, you don't just get the system. You get our enduring commitment to keep improving your experience and our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction.

GMP Crystal CRM looks after the IT side of your business, so you don't need to worry about backups or updates to your system or even server issues, upgrades and security fixes.

Your business just needs to concentrate on what you do best.

GMP Crystal CRM is a local company building customer relationship management (CRM) systems for North East businesses.
Work with us and you could receive a grant of up to 40% towards the cost of a GMP Crystal CRM system.

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What can the GMP Crystal CRM system help you do?

Most companies manage their businesses with an array of computer and paper-based processes which are difficult to control or communicate effectively.

The complexities of business management require a robust, secure, adaptable and throughly reliable integrated IT support system that eases administrative procedures allowing your operational staff to focus on providing an optimal, cost effective service to your clients.

GMP  Crystal CRM is a secure, cloud based system and enables all key information to be integrated within your teams, making it much more efficent.

Understanding your world

GMP  Crystal CRM was developed in consultation with small businesses to deliver CRM software that performs effectively - anywhere in the world - in any currency or market.

Data Storage Overview

All data saved to the GMP Crystal CRM is stored in UK based data centres with very credible facilities to manage all of the requirements to protect your privacy.

The data centre has ultra-modern facilities and a regional multi-site location back-up process to make sure your data is as secure as it can possibly be. Site visits to the data centre can be arranged.

Training and support services

GMP Crystal CRM provide training either in their own facilities in the UK, or at the clients' own premises around the world.

Online systems support is complimented with quarterly administration workshops and webinar sessions to top-up system knowledge.
Bespoke workshops can be arranged to suit an individual clients' own requirements.

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