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Designed as a simple yet powerful CRM system for small, growing businesses

  GMP-CRM was built for the Small Business market sectors but can handle complex administration processes. It simplifies the workings of small businesses, allowing teams to focus on their business growth and adapting to suit their needs as they expand. Your day-to-day workload needn’t be as stressful or hectic as it seems to be – use a CRM and feel the benefits in yourself and your employees.

GMP-CRM is a local company building customer relationship management (CRM) systems for UK businesses specialising in start-up and growth sectors.

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What can the GMP-CRM System help you do?

The GMP-CRM system simplifies the complexities you have when you manage your business through an array of computer and paper-based processes. Instead, all procedures are condensed into one smart, concise system that works well for everyone. To do its job properly, your system requires a robust, secure, adaptable and thoroughly reliable integrated IT support system. It is responsible for easing administrative procedures, allowing your operational staff to focus on providing an optimal, cost-effective service to your clients. In a nutshell, this is what the GMP-CRM does.

Understanding Your World

The GMP-CRM was built with flexibility in mind. It can adapt to suit your business’ specific needs with software that performs effectively anywhere in the world, and in any currency or market.

Data Storage Overview

All data saved to the GMP-CRM is stored in UK-based data centres with very credible facilities to manage all the requirements to protect your privacy. The data centre has ultra-modern facilities and a regional multi-site location back-up process to make sure your data is as secure as it can possibly be. Site visits to the data centre can be arranged.

Training and Support Services

We understand that, while our systems do most of the work for us, our customers need ongoing support. We provide training in our customers’ own facilities in the UK or around the world. Our dedicated online system support is complimented with quarterly administration workshops and webinar sessions to top up your system knowledge, and bespoke workshops can be arranged to suit an individual client’s own requirements.

We wanted a system that was going to increase our productivity whilst allowing our clients to be able to contact us easily and improve how we deliver services to them. The GMP solution has done this.

Lorraine Shannon of Power Dial

In our line of business, the GMP CRM has proven to be a very useful tool for monitoring property sales, availability of inventory and progress of transactions.

David Newfield of Kawana Bay

We have processed over 1,800 statements for our investment clients receiving interest payments from us in only 6-minutes! This task would have kept the team busy for two weeks before we started to use our GMP Investment system.

Katy Eaves of London Capital & Finance

Quick facts

2017 CRM Statistics Show Why it’s a Powerful Marketing Weapon

CRM gives businesses a 65% boost in sales quotas
A 41% revenue increase is realized with CRM
Conversion rates can improve by 300% with CRM in place
Average purchase value can improve by 40% with CRM
Lead cost is reduced by 23% with CRM
Overall, 74% of businesses using CRM report better customer relationships
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