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Automating Your Subscription

Using technology to replace time consuming spreadsheet management has to be a good thing .. doesn’t it?

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Feeling disorganised at the beginning of the membership year when new fees are due and explaining to the members.
  • Not fully understanding the cash injection when payments start coming in after new subscriptions are being paid.
  • Not feeling able to send fee reminders to club members for late-payment until the coach and/or parents are spoken to in case of an error.
  • Some players deliberately withholding membership fees until you are certain they haven’t paid and you then ask for it.

The common factor among all of these experiences, is that they result from a system that depends on the goodwill of others. It depends heavily on the players, parents and club officials cooperation, with little or no information unless the “spreadsheet guru” is present.

In research amongst clubs where a membership fee is paid to participate as a full member, with all the activities organised for you by a small band of willing individuals carrying a “badge of office”, normally unpaid, brings back the same set of issues around the business of finance and personal data.

The club has “systems” that are used to collect personal information about those members as well as financial information. How safely secured is it?

The challenge of not automating your subscriptions

At first glance, clubs believe the upheaval to be counter-productive or there is a long-serving volunteer club official, who has run “the membership fees collection for years” and we don’t want to upset them with new ideas.

However, progress is inevitable!

What happened before the spreadsheets?

Who operates in business now without a mobile phone and email address or social media account?

Understandably, change is very scary, especially for clubs who have always been doing it this way.. But working in small manageable changes, makes the transition from spreadsheets and paper to an all inclusive system, much simpler.

Club finances are as, if not more, important than the players availability and/or team fixtures arrangements and require a sound process to control them.

The ability to release the club coaching staff from fees collections and bad debt management is imperative to the smooth running of any club.

Investigate the many ways a club can now use technology to allow their club members to make payments with their mobile phone, tablet or PC as well as those who will still want to pay the fees at the club premises – but it is important to do it all in the same way for reports and controls.

There are huge benefits in using technology if you allow yourself the time to see how.

Here are some of the benefits of automating your subscriptions:

  • Unlimited Member Records
  • Children Information Securely Stored
  • Guardian Payment Schemes
  • Fees Payment Gateway to likes of PayPal
  • Membership Sections Fee Pipeline Views
  • In-Built Reminders and Alerts
  • Contact Notes
  • Document Storage
  • Email Functions
  • Secure Portal Access for Members
  • 3rd Party Integration such as MailChimp
  • Much, much more …

Give it some thought and look forward to getting your life back!

To learn more, contact Kevin Maddison at +44(0) 1740 625204 or visit our website here

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