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What did clients want from their CRM system?


Here are the top ten reasons why our customers chose to use GMP systems:

1) Integration of Business Processes

Clients business processes were fragmented so they bought the system to integrate their processes to save time and improve efficiency. Most reduced the dependency on spreadsheets or paper controls.

2) Lead Management Pipeline

Customers wanted to monitor the progress of leads received from different sources, the system has been designed to monitor the progress of those leads received through to achieving successful sales.

3) Pension Tracking Module

Clients who are involved in pension analysis use the system to manage their clients’ progress when transferring funds from one scheme to another after advice from an authorised firm.

4) Managing Their Sales Agents

Customers use the hierarchal structure to allow control as to what agents can see and sell, calculate their commissions on the products they sell and monitor activity.

5) Manage Business Quotations to Invoicing

Real time quotations can be monitored until accepted, managed as active jobs until being invoiced when completed. In addition, optional time management modules provide excellent management information.

6) Activity Management

All users can manage the client activities planned before, during and after contact. The activity manager allows access for sales agents, administrators and managers to all areas of the client record. They can view notes or emails in the activity record on every client they are allowed access to.

7) Website Data Capture

All new business enquiries made from their own website are logged automatically in the database, they show up immediately in the lead tracking pipeline and an alert is sent to the administration team, ready to be allocated to a team member to follow up the lead.

8) Email Marketing through MailChimp

Clients used the integrated functionality to market to their prospective clients and the system monitors the results within its own functionality whilst using the sophisticated tools in the MailChimp platform.

9) Client Management

The comprehensive data record allows the user to store as much or as little information in a central record that everyone can access. There are many features in the record that can be used to understand the data that they possessed.

10) Sales Pipeline

Customers can monitor the progress of every sale through the purchase process, whether the sale is done using cash or pension funds. The pipeline has several stages that are monitored with automated messaging for those that need to be made aware of progress.

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