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One system. Three solutions.

GMP-CRM Small Businesses Our Small Business CRM is a powerful tool that will keep your small business organised and running smoothly. It’s perfect for businesses with 2-20 employees and allows you to build more stable relationships with clients as well as enhancing the productivity of your team. Download our system brochure for more information. GMP-CRM Membership Our Membership CRMs are ideal for those with a need for a grassroots membership system, from sports teams to community groups. Our systems are simple and user-friendly, all the while focusing on the most important aspect: income from members. GMP-CRM Bespoke We have a strong history of building tailored CRMs for businesses in various industry sectors, including Marine, Property and Investments. We can develop your system depending on your needs, from a traditional, straightforward structure to a more complex design with bespoke functionality.

All solutions come with these core features

Prospect Management
Activity Management
Automated Messaging
Data Capture
Document Storage
MailChimp Integration
Business Reports

Small Business Solution

Add what is essentially an extra member to your team with a GMP-CRM.

Membership Solutions

Our Membership CRM helps grassroots clubs run more smoothly.

Bespoke Solutions

We can build you a solution that functions specifically for you and your team’s needs.

Designed to help your business grow

Our Small Business solutions… The time it takes to professionally administrate a team of people is extremely valuable, especially to a small business. A CRM will essentially work as an extra member of staff, keeping your team’s communication and organisation as proficient as it can be. We can build a system that caters to your personal needs and adapts to suit your business as it grows. Watch the video

Affordable Starter System
As a small business, it is understandable that you need a system that’s affordable. Our Small Business CRMs provide everything you could need and are an investment that will really transform how your business grows.
Comprehensive Prospect Files
You can work on the go with our Small Business CRM, adding in-depth leads to your account as you meet them. You can also monitor the progress of your leads in their files, whether these are ones you’ve entered yourself or acquired from other lead sources, and generate reports on-screen to track your progress.
Email from the System
Our CRM systems provide an easy and inclusive way to discuss projects with your customers, sending emails from the system itself. You’ll also be able to oversee all communication within your company, ensuring you’re always offering a first-class service.
Contact Notes with Reminders
The system offers a simple area for you to file all notes relating to any particular client along with handy reminders, keeping you organised and efficient. Whether you need to store written documents, images or spreadsheets, you’ll never lose track of your notes with a CRM system.
Store Marketing Documents
Small businesses need plenty of marketing material to continuously spread awareness of their brand and attract new clients. Our systems have a dedicated document library to safely store your materials and collate any new ideas.
System Dashboards and Reports
The dashboards and reports available to you on your CRM make it easy to always have a clear overview of your business, analysing leads and identifying trends that can help you progress.
Securely Store Client-Specific Documents
As you’ll know, having a business requires a lot of documentation, much of which is confidential. Our systems securely store all of the documents that you’ve created for clients with restricted access for your own staff if needed.
Functions Ready to Use
We know from experience which functions will help to ease the workload of any business, and we know that they’re needed from the start. This is why we make sure our Small Business CRMs are ready to use so you can swiftly get started, making your business process as stress-free as possible.
Save Time and Money
The ultimate goal of our Small Business system is to save you time and money. It will allow you more time to concentrate on growing your business and be more cost-effective than employing an extra administrator.

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Designed to help you manage your membership fees

Our Membership Solutions… Do you have trouble keeping track of your members’ fees? Our CRM will make it easy for your club membership to log into a system that will allow them to see their membership fee account status, make payments if they want to and contact you should they need anything. Having all your members’ fees visible in one place will make the world of difference to your club’s financial control.

Click here to visit the Membership Fees Collection System website or watch the video

Administration Club Fees in One-Place
With our Membership CRM, everything you need to administrate your business will be in one place that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.
Access for Members Using Mobiles or Laptops
Logging in and accessing member sfee statements couldn’t be easier. They simply enter their details and have secure access to see their account or to make payments If they manage children’s payments, they see those subscription positions as well.
Childrens Parent and Guardian Accounts
Many clubs will have members who are under 16 years old and are unable to make payments or handle official documents themselves. Our Membership CRM has dedicated accounts for parents and guardians whether they are members of the club or not, therefore, no mobile or email addresses for their children are needed, making the process of managing a club involving children much more straightforward.
Secure PayPal Payment Option
If not physically paying fees at the club; PayPal is the most recognised payment gateway anywhere, and is an efficient and simple way to make payments to your club. PayPal is integrated into all Membership systems. The PayPal receipt automatically adjust the clubs controls and teh individuals account.
Integrated with MailChimp
MailChimp is integrated into our Membership systems, meaning you can send e-mail updates or regular newsletters to your club’s members at the click of a button.
Manage Late Payments Simply
The Membership system will notify members when payments are due or late, meaning there’s no need for you, or anyone else, to chase members for outstanding payments. The method of paying is easy, and the system will keep you informed if any payment deadlines are not met.
Summaries of Club or Sections
It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of your club’s overall position regarding fees or even the members of a specific group or club section. However, everything you need to know about them is available at your fingertips with our CRM systems.
Manage New and Exisiting Subscriptions
With a simple registration process, people will be more inclined to join your club. The whole process of subscribing and interacting with a club is so much easier when you have a system that’s dedicated to your needs and has been built with the user in mind, especially your financial relationship.
Built In Renewal Process
Plenty of time will be saved when you use our Membership CRM to renew subscriptions every season. If only a single member pays fees as a result of being tracked instead of forgotten, the system will be self-funding!

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Designed especially with your business in mind.

Our Bespoke Solutions… When we build our Bespoke systems, we take into consideration the functions that would be beneficial specifically to your business. Whether you need a way to collate reports, log sales pipelines or communicate with your team and clients, your job will be made significantly easier. We are happy to work alongside you and your team to create an effective and innovative system that helps your business excel.

Special Systems Available
Our Bespoke systems are completely flexible to suit your needs. We possess several modules that may be easier to use than trying to build your own system to cope. You can customise them to fit your brand and ask us about any specialist functionality that would be beneficial. With experience creating both traditional and complex systems, we may be best placed to come up with a solution that will work for you.
Enhanced Data Capture
Our systems ensure that all data collected is valuable and genuine. It is increasingly important that you only source ‘opt-in’ data, meaning those in your database will be happy to be contacted. Our system can be linked to enquiry sources by API (Application Programming Interface) so the enquiry creates a record automatically without re-typing from an email.
Intelligent Hierarchy
There are different levels of access available to users of our Bespoke CRM systems. This allows you to designate who can use which part of the system, keeping your team organised at all times. We have standard hierarchal roles within the system you can choose from.
Simplify Complex Routines
Some routines that occur in every company, such as monitoring a process and alerting administrators If not completed or filing contracts in a time-managed process, are often made much more complicated than necessary. A GMP-CRM will simplify these processes, freeing up time for you to focus on more important jobs.
Produce Specialist Reporting
Our Bespoke CRMs produce specialist reporting in many areas of business, allowing you to analyse the progression of your company and always be proactive with your planning. Many of our clients have asked for some of our standard reports then simply improved them for their own purpose.
Reduce Risk in Transpositions
When moving data between spreadsheets or from forms into a spreadsheet, there is a high risk that there will be a transposition error. This mistake could prove very costly, which is why GMP-CRM systems use a single piece of data in many parts of the system, avoiding this risk.
Roles for Secure Access
There are sometimes situations when a senior manager will want to share information with their team but cannot allow full access to the system for reasons linked with confidentiality. The GMP-CRM has built-in access roles that refine the data available to junior team members, meaning you can share necessary information without breaching security or confidentiality regulations.
Flexible Modules
As the GMP-CRM systems are built in a modular framework, many modules can be used to enhance the system’s performance in different ways. This is especially significant in demanding environments – our systems work faster than traditional specific software enhancements that are normally consuming or cost-prohibitive.
Save Time and Money
As with all our CRMs, the main goal is to help you manage your time as productively as possible, as well save money for your business. The comprehensive abilities of our Bespoke systems will allow your business to flow smoothly, grow naturally and give you a positive return on investment.

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What Do Our Clients Think?

In our line of business, the GMP CRM has proven to be a very useful tool for monitoring property sales, availability of inventory and progress of transactions.

David Newfield of Kawana Bay

We wanted a system that was going to increase our productivity whilst allowing our clients to be able to contact us easily and improve how we deliver services to them. The GMP solution has done this.

Lorraine Shannon of Power Dial

We have processed over 1,800 statements for our investment clients receiving interest payments from us in only 6-minutes! This task would have kept the team busy for two weeks before we started to use our GMP Investment system.

Katy Eaves of London Capital & Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which system is right for my business?

The system functionality will dictate if it will help you manage your own business activities and being shown how it works is the best way to assess whether the system is useable. Book a demo to watch the system being used – it beats a brochure every time.

Which markets do GMP-CRM systems support?

GMP-CRM works across many markets however it specialises in small business administration and all that envisages for the start-up and growth sectors. From the initial enquiry, allocating an enquiry to a team member, tracking the progress of contact activity, registering sales, management of the sales process, commissions as well as messaging all parties involved as an example of some of the functionality availability. Small businesses benefit from pre-configured system functions that save the administration team a great deal of time as it is ready to populate. Specialist bespoke systems, such as installation, maintenance, property, investment, marine and equestrian projects, have been developed for clients along with some other sectors using our core CRM modules. Enquire about how we may be able to help you and your business.

How many employees can use the system?

To take advantage of having the GMP systems explained to you on an interactive website session where the system is demonstrated can be arranged to suit you at a convenient and time. Please contact us to arrange something suitable in your schedule.

Are there any limits to upgrading the system?

The system has three fee elements; set up fee, annual user licence fees and, where applicable, enhancement fees for various options that are available. The system fees are determined by the extent of the functionality required and the number of people requiring access to the system.
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